Alamo Navajo Chapter

Alamo Chapter

Our Story

Isolation is felt to be the main drawback on the Alamo Navajo reservation. This has impacted on education and socioeconomic conditions of the reservation and created gaps between Alamo and the main Navajo Reservation, which is situated 220 miles southeast of the Navajo Nation capitol of Window Rock. It is 30 miles from the border town of Magdalena, New Mexico, a town of about 861 people.

The nearest largest city is Socorro, New Mexico, 57 miles to the southeast. Socorro had a population of 8,159 according to the 1990 census; it serves as the county seat of Socorro County. The reservation is generally semi-arid, rangeland, some rolling hills, badlands, volcanic rock formations, and mountains.

The Alamo Chapter conducts monthly meetings to keep Residents formed; residents have a forum to express their Opinions to their Navajo Nation Council Delegate or to decide on Matters concerning their chapter.
“Servicing the Governmental Needs of the Alamo Chapter residents.”

Chapter Staff

Mr. Stanley Herrera, President

Mr. Earl Apachito, Vice-President

Miss Yvette Betone, Secretary/ Treasurer

Mr. Steve Apachito, Land Board Member

Mr. Norman M. Begay, Council Delegate

Mr. Chancey Martinez, LDA-Repersentative

Land Use Planning Committee

Mr. Lee K. Tsosie, President

Mr. Harold Peralto, Vice-President

Miss. Yvette Betone, Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Jim L. Guerro, Member

Mr.Gilbert Pino, Member

Chapter Community

Mrs. Inez Apachito, Community Services Coordinator

Vacant, Account Maintenance Specialist